Jeffrey Wright speaks to Coca-Cola workers about the import

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The Campaign to Stop Killer Coke Movement Erupts!

Thank you, To all the supporters who came out to support my book signing and the Killer Coke Campaign.on Saturday, November 20, 2010.
Mentoring to a group of less fortunate students about the importance of staying in school.


My name is Jeffrey Wright and I have written a Non-Fiction novel about a personal experience that I was apart of.
I have written a novel titled“What Coca-Cola did to stop the Union from coming in" it is about me Jeffrey Wright, an ex-employee of one of America’s most popular soft drink companies who experiences first hand the misdeeds that this company went through to repress the local union from entering in. The book shows specific details of the unethical and illegal behavior that took place in 1986 and then again in 1994 among 2 of their top executives with every attempt to sabotage all efforts in implementing a union, the situations in the novel are true. Copies of photos taken with top Executives hand delivering bribes, Written letters by top executives making promises to the workers etc…is included in this novel.
Currently this novel is available for purchase at any Borders Bookstore, online at @, through amazon, it may also be ordered through google books @, or it can be purchased directly from the Publishing Company

Jeffrey Wright discussing his involement with the top bottler as..

Hundreds gather watch the documentary The Coca-Cola Case, protest Coca-Cola's involvement in human rights abuses around the world.


Jeffrey Wright has teamed up with Union Activist Ray Rogers & Teamsters to help support the workers trying to organize a Union.
Ray Rogers, Jeffrey Wright & Local Teamsters member attending Coca-Cola Annual Board Meeting on Wednesday, April 21, 2010. While attending the Board Meeting Wright expressed that he will finally get to finish what he had started.

To get more information regarding Coca-Cola's 2010 Shareholder meeting click on the below hyperlink to get all the inside details.